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Hi again!

The game I've been posting about for the last 1.5 years is finally complete and is coming out this Friday! Check out this album of gameplay gifs on imgur.

The Steam page went live today!


Thanks for all the support and feedback!

Playable Demo of my game Speebot

2017-09-02 13:51:29 by keyreal

Hi again,

Today I released the first public demo of my game Speebot, which I've been working on for over 1.5 years.

Without further ado, the download link (Windows)!

More info on my website.



Seeing as Flash is going to be discontinued, for many people the Flash platform is no longer a viable platform for web games. Making HTML5 games sucks, but fortunately - there's an alternative.

Haxe is a platform-agnostic open-source programming language and compiler, originally inspired by Actionscript 3. In other words, its a language that's similar to AS3, but lets you deploy your games to many different platforms, including the web, native Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc... And because the compiler exports native binaries, the performance on those platforms is very good.

A few years ago I've started a blog where I published tutorials about Haxe and its libraries, including the popular OpenFL framework. You can find the introductory article here:

Haxe has already been in use for years for many commercial games, including popular indie titles like Papers Please and Defender's Quest. I have also used it for my game Hypnorain (available on Steam), and am currently working on a 3D game called Speebot.

Developers that are familiar with AS3 will feel at home coding in Haxe, so give it a try.

Here's a screenshot for my game Speebot (powered by my game engine YUME), which I'm currently working on.


Hi again,

My game Speebot has been submitted Steam Greenlight.

Check out the trailer below:


If you'd like to help me publish this game on Steam, I'd appreciate it if you visited the Greenlight page and voted for it!


I'm still working on the game. Here's a fresh screenshot from one of the tropical levels:



Speebot is on Steam Greenlight!

2017-05-13 11:24:25 by keyreal

Hi again!

Speebot is now on Steam Greenlight! Check out the trailer:

Steam Greenlight:

Please vote and share if you'd like to see this game on Steam!

Hi again,

I made some progress on my game Speebot! The last few weeks I've been working on the World 2 of the game, which is an Antarctic themed area. Head over to my blog to see some screenshots of that.

This week I've begun working on World 3, which is a tropical vacation themed area! Check it out:

What do you think?

I'm still thinking of new gameplay mechanics for this world, so let me know if you have any ideas!


I'm making progress on my game Speebot, check it out:

I'm doing all the programming, design, art and music myself. I've also made the game engine from scratch.

Will try to release a playable demo this month.

Feedback is welcome!

Speebot (3D platformer) gameplay in HD

2017-03-05 09:25:36 by keyreal

I've recorded a 1080p 60fps video of one of the later levels of the first world in Speebot. There will be 4 worlds, and over 200 levels in total!

Blog post:

I'm thinking of releasing a public demo of the first few levels soon.

By the way, the game is written in a custom game engine, you can read more about it here:

Do you like what you see? Feedback and suggestions are welcome!  


Last week I've been working on level design and some engine improvements for my game Speebot.

Here are some screenshots of the game:



The end goal is 200 levels (plus a few secret ones), I'm 25% there!

I'll keep posting screenshots of the game weekly with exciting new stuff. Or perhaps a video is better?



Twitter: @kircode


Hi! Long time no see.

These past few months I've been coding a 3D game engine I call YUME, and a game to go along with it - a cheery platformer called Speebot. There's a storyline that I won't talk about, but the game consists of controlling a little robot, rolling and hopping across sea-steading platforms, collecting crystals, chatting with other robots and falling into water.

I've been focusing mostly on engine and gameplay programming so far, and have created 42 levels. The goal is 200 levels split into 4 worlds, each with a different theme.

Levels are increasingly difficult and sometimes contain puzzles, enemies, trampolines and so on. There are also items that unlock certain skills when picked up, like gliding with an umbrella or double-jumping with a jetpack (the items are lost when the level is complete or if you die). New types of props and items appear as the player progresses through the game.

Still a long way to go, but level design should progress faster now that I'm mostly done with the engine and UI work!

Anyway, here's a couple of short vids (a bit outdated now but that's alright):


Follow me if you're curious about Speebot and stuff:

Twitter: @kircode