Flappy Bird AS3 engine now available!

2014-02-13 06:14:23 by keyreal

Made a Flappy Bird clone in AS3, fully customizable graphics and game parameters. You can also play an example game made with it!

Have fun.


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2014-02-13 08:03:26

Nice engine. But we don't need more flappy bird clones T_T


2014-02-13 09:10:28

Thats cool but I feel I could smack my keyboard and code a flappy bird clone.


2014-02-13 11:41:47

Ugh...thank you...thanks a lot...now we can have more stupid games like this: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/633718 when we really don't need "Ripping Off Games" to be the next trend in this community.


2014-02-13 15:17:17

dude, you can cobble flappy bird together in about half an hour with mario pipes and the cheep cheep fish from the original SMB. it would look as good.

That cat who designed Flappy Bird took it down. He said it had become an "addictive product", and the estimate is that the game was pulling close to $50,000 daily. Sounds more like guilt to me. Nintendo made threats over intellectual license on the pipes, but he countered with the "purely coincidence" argument. Sounds like someone was a little ashamed.

For $8, I guess if you were trapped in the 90's still believing that Americans only buy games featuring ninjas or commandos, you'd see the quick turnaround on this. Too bad the market's already been flooded. Send in the clones!


2014-02-13 21:49:47

Hooray for beating dead horses!


2014-02-14 12:58:17

A flappy bird clone, made by a well talented developer. Griiiiiim :/